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Newspaper article from the Kölner Stadtanzeiger, published on 29.05.2022


Pulheim-Geyen. The company Via-Intelli-Immobilien has already built several houses in Geyen, in Albanstrasse and Ratherstrasse. A new building has also been constructed in Brauweiler under the direction of the Frechen-based company. Now another building project entitled “An der Wassermühle” is following in Geyen.

The earthworks have been completed and the building pit has been dug. “At the beginning of July, construction work is to start at Sintherner Straße 43,” says Michaela Meister. She is responsible for sales.

Nine condominiums are planned in the new building. The barrier-free units with two to four and a half rooms are between 58 and 117 square metres. All flats have south-facing terraces or balconies. The purchase prices range from 349,800 to 697,300 euros.

The buildings will be constructed according to the KfW-Efficiency-House-40 standard with wood pellet heating. The energy consumption in these buildings is 60 percent below the legally required values for new buildings.

Nine parking spaces are planned in the underground garage. Each space will be equipped so that an electric charging station can be connected. A wheelchair-accessible lift connects the underground car park with the floors.

The purchase price for a parking space is 29,900 euros. Michaela Meister expects the construction to take twelve months.

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