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So, you want to sell your property in Cologne or the Rhine-Erft area?

There are many reasons for selling a property, but there are just as many uncertainties, especially for private sellers. How can you be sure to get a fair price? When will the money flow? What happens to the property, to which many personal memories may be attached?

For many decades we have been buying and developing plots of land in and around Cologne and in the Rhineland, creating high-quality living space for families, couples, pensioners or even students at a fair price-performance ratio.


Private property owners:

  • from 500m² plot area
  • the more central, the smaller
  • with and without old stock

Institutional property owners:

  • from 1,250 sqm plot area
  • with and without existing buildings
  • with and without development agency

Your Incentives

fast & very good payment

Usually well above the standard
land value

financial security

Through many years of market presence and creditworthiness

fairness & transparency

Professionally experienced and legally correct handling

possibility of reinvestment

Turnkey property purchase on
your plot of land

Testimonials from property owners

“The company Via-Intelli is known to me as a reputable property developer in the west of Cologne and in the Rhine-Erft area. We have already brokered several properties with this company and the process has always been smooth and professional. If I were currently looking for a condominium, I would be very happy to purchase it from a Via-Intelli project without reservation.”

Carsten Rumpeltin, FALC Immobilien Cologne & Pulheim

“I am glad that our transaction reached such a good conclusion. Thank you again for your always fair and accommodating way of negotiating, which I appreciate very much and which unfortunately is no longer a matter of course in today’s times. Good luck and success for your Köln Relax project and best wishes for you personally.”

Dr. med. Stefan S., Berlin, Köln Relax project, Kölnerstraße 1-3, Cologne-Lövenich


“The sale of a property raises many questions. Talk to me. Together we can clear up any uncertainties. I will also be happy to advise you on your reinvestment options. I am curious about your property and its history.”

Eike Baumann
Dipl.-Wjur./ Managing Partner

Tel: (02234) 60 10 8-10 I E-mail:

Eike Baumann
Dipl.-Wjur./ Managing Partner

Tel: (02234) 60 10 8-10

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